From a christ on his pedestral in the south of Ireland to the steam on a bus window in London, it was about rediscovering visually through the camera lens what I knew of Britain and the Irish lands.

This section contains five parts with different sets of pictures. It shall not render any purport of position by request. The photographs were collected along roads, short residences and encounters from autumn two thousand one  until summer two thousand six.

~EI VUEROTON means "there isn't 'no' mountains" in finnish : this is the landscape part. The color set gather some classical pics of wilderness. The first set display different landscaping options of rural and urban environments. The third serie with recurrent character and element, broaden narrative possibilities.

This section intent to question the subjectivity, and eventual singularity, through a local & national perpective. The black and white portrait format set is dedicated to places and constructions/facilities. Signs, images and people are the common ground of the other black and white set.
One color set present a few pics of  some New Orleans streets before the recent disaster.
The other one display some toursitic renowned places and some of  their surroundings while shadows play a key role in each photograph.

~SILHOUETTES or portraits shot along the road. Once I met  somebody who told me "you're gonna meet characters... down there" and he wasn't talking about any place in North America, but evoking a famous city of Europe. I probably met some as well during these short and longer stays in the USA, but before all what I tried  to collect on films were diverse people.
Street scenery, human interaction, uncertain moves, blinking moments, it's quite difficult to write about those pictures. Faces facing the machine, the machine facing the street. The "silhouettes" and "A Main No" section are directly linked, at least for some sets. I do not try to demonstrate something so meaningful. I wish that this selective choice and juxtapose mode would improve some perspectives and perception of the subject.

~A MAIN NO because there are too many things to imprint on my mind. Why I may arrange deprived homeless and anti-war posters in the same set? No consequences, shame nor pride drives those choices... just natural depth. Different issues might emerge from three series, merging some positive and critical insights.

~MEXICO contains more than the city pics. There are two sets of photos taken along the US border regions. Obvious regards when it seems to be that the word border has actually a very vague and contested meaning.

The first three sets are photos from the Distrito Federal. It was during the summer of the last presidential polls. While Fox 's term finishing, Calderon, from the same party, and Andre Manual Lopez Obrador, former mayor, had to compete for the job. Finally Calderon took over but the issue was extremely labouring and still contested by AMLO and his supporters.
I had the intense feeling of something truly surrealistic resonnating from the city,  in the sense that a lot appeared to be more than real.

I really enjoyed my six weeks experience in this environment, even though I hadn't been everywhere.
For the colour series, I wandered many days throughout parts of  Roma, Condesa, the Centro, Polanco,  Zona Rosa, San Angel, Escandon and other neighbourhoods... actually the vaste center of the megalopole.

One of the black and white serie is mostly portraits taken in the popular Tepito and its surroundings. A local friend came along with me, which was very helpful especially for the navigation and confrontation with the subject. Most of the pictures were shot in less than two hours in a very spontaneous way.
Another place we had planned to visit was the biggest jail in Mexico city. Unfortunately, by the time the authorisation had been approved, I had already left.

~WAIT AND SEE bears some emptyness awarding a lot of political slogans and  revendications through images of protest and anything else construed or not. If there are key-words to appoint, let's put "Object" & "Subject". None of these photographs may mirrored the next one or dismiss the whole.

~SUNSHINE OF MY MIND a famous blind man song, or thinking about New Order "bizarre love triangle". The two very spontaneously arranged series are polaroids in their raw form, initially planned as one single set.
The selection and order of the photographs could be change. Most of them were taken in Tel Aviv, in London and in France (Paris, Toulouse and in Brittany).

~DOWN-LOADED or some more westerner views on itself in this spare range of literal snapshots and composed pictures. Of course this section re-exposed some items of the previous website hosted by geocities (see url in LINK-TACT). Maybe I've tried to expel the statements presented before in the simplified and unsatisfied "Europe and Images " project... The photos of South America (Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina) may emphasize the topic of this former tense collection while a geographic equipoise would be eluded. However this might not be the case with the last set containing photos only from New York City, and  a significant amount of photos gathered in the two first series were taken in France, where I spent most of my life and those matters of fact I've been studying for a while, have some of their deepest pernicious roots, causes, consequences and effects towards french culture of image, fueled by its elitist intellectuals (Roland Barthes, Philippe Soupault, Daniel Schneidermann, Bruno Latour...).

~RV WILL RISE (because something else than just the sun should) is the forgotten and new photos to come, or some work in progress...

Israel : (1,2,3,4,5) south Tel Aviv, Florentin. (6) midtown Tel Aviv, sea front. (7) north Tel Aviv. (8,9) west Jerusalem.

(1) Kunetra, Syria. (2) : south Beirut, Lebanon. (3) Yaffo, Israel. (4) south Beirut, Lebanon. (5) Kunetra, Syria. (6) Yaffo, Israel. (7) south Beirut, Lebanon. (8) Kunetra, Syria. (9) south Beirut Lebanon. (10) Yaffo, Israel. (11) south Beirut, Lebanon. (12) Mizpe Ramon, Israel. (13) Kunetra, Syria. (14) Golan, Israel. (15) Nicosia, Cyprus. (16) Yaffo, Israel. (17) Golan, Israel.

(1) west Jerusalem. (2) Golan, Israeli-Syrian border. (3) Kunetra, Syria. (4) Damascus, Syria. (5) Nicosia, Cyprus. (6) south Beirut, Lebanon. (7) downtown Beirut, Lebanon. (8) Episkopi, Cyprus. (9) Damascus, Syria. (10) Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon.

~ARMFUL Series for this section try to question the inbred aesthetical and anaesthetical part of all the images I had collected in the last years.
Land, sea, sand and sky : a lot acquired through transportation means for these other landscape perspectives. A picture from Turkey is really to be missed (it's on the previous webpage project, see url in LINK-TACT). While the first black and white set display some eastern european shots of various locations, the first color set append a few "clichés" from formerly western areas taken within the distance. As the other color set, it pertain to an approach of the concrete & natural elements. The last black and white set is made  of portraits shot in Rio de Janeiro.  

~The drawings are nothing new and don't pretend to be. As I was writing this, somebody passed by wearing a T-shirt with a drawing and three words "Punk Rose Rock", so what was the image ? Yesterday I saw two other informative T-shirts unlike this one : a disabled young girl with a "Please No Photo" and a missing child ad printed on the T-shirt of a local or tourist couple in Rio.

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